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    Wearing steampunk sunglasses, but how?


    You have selected the perfect pair of steampunk sunglasses to top off your steampunk outfit. Splendid! The next step is deciding how to show them off. Lucky for you, there are several options of how to wear steampunk goggles. Read on. All while giving your sunglasses a nice polish.

     1. Steampunk Sunglasses Over Your Eyes

    This one seems the most obvious. What are goggles intended for? That’s right, protecting your eyes! Wearing your goggles all the time can keep you one step ahead of everyone else. Of course, this can be a nuisance if worn over the eyes at all times. Lack of peripheral vision and just being uncomfortable are two issues. So, what if we want to store our goggles on ourselves to be on the ready? Read on to find out.

    steampunk sunglasses

    steampunk sunglasses

    2. Around Your Neck

    Just get done duck and dodging ray guns? Or maybe you are at a convention and going for that ‘casual’ look. Either way, around your neck is one way to show off your steampunk sunglasses. For technical reasons, it is not the best choice. The time taken to apply the goggles far exceed the time needed for the following option. Use this option sparingly.

    3. On Your Head

    Quite possibly the most common and practical way of sporting steampunk goggles, on your head. Opposed to the previous method, on your head is the quickest and possibly sharpest way of wearing your goggles for their intended use. Spitting cobra just 30 feet away? Flip those babies down in a flash! Not only for the practical use, sunglasses on your head just looks so gosh darn cool.

    4. On Your Hat

    Practical? Eh, no. Stylish? Possibly. Some people enjoy wearing their goggles over their hat. That’s okay! Who are we to tell them otherwise? Speaking from practical terms, this is one of the worst places to have your goggles. It takes a lot of time in order to put them to use. Of course, if you’re at a social gathering and no immediate danger awaits, by all means, strap them up.

    There you have it. Four ways of how to wear steampunk goggles. Each person has their preference and rightfully so. The great thing about steampunk is the customization. Go against the grain. Be original, innovative, creative and resourceful. You start the next big trend. Regardless of what others think, as long as you enjoy it, go for it.

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